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Don’t Just Budget, Take Control

Clarity, Control, Cashflow: Finance OS

Your all-in-one platform for financial clarity and control. Track income, expenses, investments, debts, and build a personalized roadmap to your financial goals.

All Finances, One Glance

Track income, expenses, investments, debts in a unified dashboard.

Auto Magic

Ditch manual work with auto-tracking and smart budgeting tools.

Goal Guru

 Set custom goals, track progress, get AI-powered tips to reach them.

Money Mastermind

Leverage AI insights to optimize investments and make confident decisions.

Finance OS: Beyond Budgeting,

Your Roadmap to Financial Freedom

Connect with the A Team

Gain invaluable insights from our network of seasoned investors and financial advisors. Get matched with the right experts to propel your financial goals forward.

Fuel Your Growth Engine

Unleash a library of growth-hacking prompts and proven strategies designed to elevate your financial plan. Discover hidden opportunities and optimize your path to wealth.

Finance OS: Your Financial Launchpad to Freedom.



What is Finance OS?

Finance OS is a comprehensive Notion template designed to transform your financial journey. It’s not just a tracker; it’s a personalized command center for your money. Think budgeting made easy, insightful tracking, goal-setting with a roadmap, and investment exploration – all in one intuitive space.

What resources are included?

Dive into a treasure trove of financial tools! You’ll find:

    • Budgeting & Goal Setting: Craft custom plans and conquer your financial ambitions.
    • Effortless Tracking: Log income and expenses seamlessly, gaining clear insights into your cash flow.
    • Investment Management: Track your investments and explore new opportunities with dedicated dashboards.
    • Debt & Tax Management: Streamline your finances with tools to simplify tax prep and tackle debt strategically.
    • Wish Lists & Jars: Dream big and save effectively with wish lists and personalized savings jars.
    • Automated Reports: Gain deep understanding of your finances with automatic reports generated just for you.
  • Bonus Resources: Depending on your chosen provider, you might even unlock additional resources like educational guides, investment tips, and community support.
Who is Finance OS for?

Whether you’re a budgeting pro or just starting out, Finance OS empowers you to take control. It’s perfect for:

    • Individuals: Manage personal finances, set ambitious goals, and achieve financial freedom.
    • Couples: Collaborate on shared financial goals, track joint expenses, and build a secure future together.
  • Freelancers & Entrepreneurs: Keep business finances organized, monitor income and expenses, and make informed financial decisions.


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